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How Did CheapTicketSite Start?

We were born from the pure need to get cheap tickets to the people. The founders of this company have had over 20 years of ticket buying and selling experience. We think that awesome tickets should be something that is attainable for a regular working person, unfortunately, there were a few large players in the industry that were charging a hefty markup and putting tickets out of reach for most people. Money is not the only metric that a company should base its success on, we think that all companies should be contributing towards making this world a happier safer, and more positive place, we try to give back by offering great experiences with less markup.

What is the difference between and the competitors?

What people don't really realize is that there are about 3 main pools of tickets that ticket companies sell out of. Yes, Companies do buy tickets to events, but it is the full spectrum of sellers that make up the bulk of the market. That being said that only real difference (if you don't own the tickets, which is the case 98% of the time) is the markup that is added to the tickets, shipping, and service fees. Sometimes it is confusing as some ticket sites are shifty, they list the tickets for cheaper on the front end, only to hit you with the gigantic fees at the end of checkout.  We have taken the approach of having a single small service fee which is more than 50% lower than some of the competition, and not marking up the tickets. 

How long Has been online?

We have been selling tickets online as far back as 2010. We love what we do and will continue to do this for as long as possible.  

What protections have put into place to protect customers?

We Guarantee: Tickets will be Delivered On Time

We Guarantee: Tickets will be Exactly What You Ordered

We Guarantee: Tickets will be 100% Authentic

We Guarantee: If the Event is canceled then you will get a 100% Refund with No Hassle

Our Website is Secured with Bank Level Encryption

We have advanced fraud systems in place to make sure no unauthorized transactions are made. 


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